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Inception Lighting 3d Explainer

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We completed this animation a couple years ago that explained a municipality light beautification and alert system in action. We created a single tracked camera that follows the integrated small town lighting system from community events to emergency events.


Steph Curry Avatar and Mocap

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In one of our latest look developments, we created a Steph Curry based avatar and brought him to life with our perception neuron full body motion capture system. Watch our Steph avatar pull off some fast paced footwork and crossover dribble.

Election 2016

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Let the games begin. This years presidential election is sure to be a daily media soap opera as Election Day approaches. Meet our Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton avatars ready to battle it out for your vote.

My Animation Studio 2016 Show Reel

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In need of animation and design services? Be sure to check out our latest animation showcase of our work in previs, commercial, and motion graphics. This past year we have upgraded our motion capture capabilities and are now expanding into VR solutions.


Alligator Mud Pies

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One of our latest motion captured animations. Complete with custom character and custom score.

Parallax Effect Samples

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Recently, we had a chance to work on some parallax effect work. Here are a few of the samples from that project.

The parallax effect is taking a 2d image and cutting it up into depth plane layers. After the backplates are cleaned, a slow 3d camera move can be simulate to the shot to give an epic, dramatic, or heroic feel to the shot.

Symmes Law Group Animated Video

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Animated video for Seattle based bankruptcy attorney office of Symmes Law Group. A fast paced 2d toon style quickly explains the process of filing for bankruptcy.