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Positive feedback from a company that we are happy to work with and support.

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“My Animation Studio was great to work with. They were quick with changes and did a really great job of trying to interpret what it is I wanted from the animation. I have more work coming and will definitely be using them for the revisions and additional animations my company is going to need! ”

-Clyde Snodgrass from Faraday


IAC Meeting Launch Animation

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Animation created for ReSource Pro to announce their Innovation Advisory Council storytelling event.

PT500tv Animated Logo Intro

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Animated logo introduction video that we created, animated, and added the sound fx to.

Another positive review

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“A+ Will use again”

— theGrio

Celebrity Throwback Now and Then morphing of Will Smith for

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Morph animation we created for an editorial on Through various distortion techniques, we blend the progressing years of Will Smith.

Another Positive Review

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“Quality work and very dedicated to the timeline and to their work. A great company with excellent quality work.”

— Nic from Nibe

Aries Seira Explainer Video

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Explainer video for Business Management System software. Visually, we created a clean vector style look that moves smoothly to highlight the software’s perks and competitors disadvantages. Combined with our custom scored soundtrack, this explainer is entertaining and easy to follow.