Our New Look Is Live

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Our new look and feel is live. My Animation Studio is compressing down to MyAniStudio.

Short. Simple. Sweet.

We also refreshed our website, so visit us at and contact us for your latest motion graphics and gfx jobs today.


My Animation Studio 2016 Show Reel

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In need of animation and design services? Be sure to check out our latest animation showcase of our work in previs, commercial, and motion graphics. This past year we have upgraded our motion capture capabilities and are now expanding into VR solutions.


Meet the ShadowMan

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Need to deliver a powerful message? Our ShadowMan 3d figure is the perfect solution to get your idea across to your clients. His vector styling is quick and clean and works best for any motion graphic animation. What would you use him for?

Chef Dominic

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Chef Dominic

Meet Dominic. We see him as an aspiring line cook with a passion for food. His eyes darkened from the long days and nights above a stove. His physique fattened by countless samplings of executive meals. But don’t let his outfit fool you, he can fit your every situation.
What do you see him as?

Motion Graphics Process

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An engaging video is one of the most successful methods to get the best results for your company and it is our goal to help you develop your idea, product, store or service into an explainer video to take your company to the next level. Check out this video to see the easy process to get started.

Business/Photo Motion Graphics Style

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StyleGuidePage5For quickest turnaround on a limited budget, our Business/Photo option utilizes stock footage animated with text to deliver your message.